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Welcome to this educational site. Our target audience are clinicians who are already working with patients diagnosed with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) and are seeking to learn how to work more effectively with them or those who hope to begin seeing patients with PNES in the near future!
Coming soon, patients and loved ones will also find educational recordings to help them
understand and manage their condition better.

About PNES

You may be wondering what we are referring to when we speak of PNES but before addressing that, we should start by mentioning that PNES is actually called by a lot of different names including non-epileptic seizures, functional seizures, dissociative seizures, etc. On our end, we choose to continue to call this condition by the abbreviation “PNES” partly because a recent poll on revealed that the majority of respondents prefer this term. Also, the term is accurately descriptive.


What is PNES? It’s a disorder that is characterized by behavioral episodes that can closely resemble an epileptic seizure. PNES might present with uncontrollable body movements or loss of tone and paralysis, alteration of consciousness, inability to speak, generalized unresponsiveness, etc. but these behaviors are not due to abnormal electrical (“epileptiform”) discharges in the brain. PNES contains the term “psychogenic” because most of these patients have other, pre-existing psychological conditions (though they may not have previously worked with a mental health provider and received the diagnosis) including mood and anxiety disorders, PTSD, personality disorders, and have experienced significant trauma and life adversities.

For Patients/Families:

When you or your loved one first receive a diagnosis of PNES it can be confusing and overwhelming. It is not always easy to find accurate information and sometimes this will lead you down a path that takes you further from managing this disorder and getting better. Our educational sessions and materials that you can download are designed to help you get you started on the journey. You may also want to visit the FAQs and webinar sections in

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